24 Jan 23
Rich punks!
Arrested perps from recent Atlanta, GA rioting, guilty of shooting police officers, massive destruction of property, and a host of other crimes of violence, as it turns out are mostly rich, white punks from places other than Atlanta!
In stark resurrection of the murderous “Weather Underground” of the 1960s, today’s violent ANTIFA thugs are mostly affluent, non-working, non-contributing children of rich, white families, all living comfortably on grandfather’s money!
This armed “Marxist political militia,” operating freely and unhindered throughout America, is shamelessly/openly employed by Democrats in a modern-day pogrom with the goal of intimidating, maiming, and murdering political opponents and destroying their property, in exactly the same way Nazis used the “Sturmabteilung” in the 1930s to accomplish precisely the same goals, and in exactly the same way!
Violent political militias are supposed to be beneath us here in America, but amoral, leftist Democrats have found them (ANTIFA) all too useful, as we see!
These same Democrats simultaneously, smugly insist that the rest of us should have all our guns forcibly confiscated, because they want us all to be “safe.”
What they really want is for their obedient and murderous political militia to be safe, from us!
“Without fail, humans will subjugate other humans, via violence.
To be unarmed is to be subjugated, involuntarily
Never doubt it!”