Monthly Archives: June 2022


23 June 22   “None but superficial minds could stumble into the concept of a ‘National God,’ of a ‘National Religion’”   Pope Pius XI, 1937   With today’s landmark Supreme Court Decision, written by Clarence Thomas (a hero of our time), leftist politicians, who never play by the rules, are already declaring that they […]

Meeting lions!

17 June 22   “Naivety doesn’t excuse poor choices, Deary!   You and I both know life is unforgiving.   I can’t rescue every drowning pup that is stupid enough to peer too deeply down a well.”   Richelle E Goodrich   Modern Democrats arrogantly insist that “all wisdom began with them!”   Yet, multiple […]

Privileged Class!

15 June 22   The Privileged Class!   When leftist politicians say ARs are the ‘preferred weapon of criminals,” so therefore must be banned from private possession by “ordinary citizens” (the very politicians who propose such things predictably, and quietly, make an exception for themselves, of course), it is akin to saying:   “Fords, the […]

Sign of the Times!

14 June 22   Rush on magazines!   Friends in the Industry are telling me that, within the last seventy-two hours, online retailers are limiting magazine sales to two or three per order.   Magazines manufactured by Glock, MagPul, Circle 10, Lancer, Okay, Thril, Duramag, et al are all suddenly in short supply!   Over […]

… for all we know!

7 June 22   “All great truths begin as blasphemies”   Bernard Shaw   VHS (Hellion) Rifle and optics.   At a DTI Urban Rifle Program last weekend on the East Coast, I got my first chance to work with and carry the bullpup Hellion Rifle, imported from Croatia by Springfield Armory.  All my students […]