17 June 22
“Naivety doesn’t excuse poor choices, Deary!
You and I both know life is unforgiving.
I can’t rescue every drowning pup that is stupid enough to peer too deeply down a well.”
Richelle E Goodrich
Modern Democrats arrogantly insist that “all wisdom began with them!”
Yet, multiple generations of failed Democrat/socialist policies, first rolled-out with great fanfare (“The Great Society”) by LBJ in the 1960s, have:
1 Destroyed our nuclear families, denigrating fatherhood and driving-away fathers
2 Replaced concepts of good and evil with “moral relativism”
3 Smugly mocked and smeared religious faith, particularly Christianity and Judaism
4 Relentlessly played racial groups against each other, ever-encouraging dependency, denigrating individual accomplishment, and promoting indolent, never-ending “victimhood,” as a permanent life-style.
5 Empowered, stimulated, and protected violent criminals
6 Promoted suffocating hyper-regulation of all human activity, while relentlessly increasing taxes on the ever-dwindling productive.
7 Taken control of public education, manufacturing generations of ignorant, spiteful, narcissistic, selfish, victim-oriented Marxists, all with a seething hatred of Western Civilization (the USA in particular, although none express any desire to actually move to a “Communist Utopia,” like China, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea), many of whom become violent criminals, because they’ve been told that visiting violence upon their political opponents is acceptable, indeed righteous!
Now, these same sleazy Democrats, with all their pompous titles (which they think confer upon them the right to be taken seriously), try to tell us that “gun prohibition” will suddenly cure all that!
I hate to break the news to willfully-ignorant “millennials,” but your Democrat overlords are the enthusiastic manufacturers of these very legions of sociopaths who now hunt you for sport!
So, don’t look to “big government” to protect you from the very same armed fiends whom they actively promote and protect.
The “big government” that you naively view as your only possible savior, is the same big government that will forever deny you access to tools you need to protect yourselves.
To them, you’re just “useful idiots,” and thus highly expendable!
You naively bought their corrupt line, and now find yourselves hapless victims, just waiting to earn the title.
History has no sympathy!
“Certain writers find it impossible to be content with taking note of the fact that a particular thing or person has a particular character or destiny, as everyone had done before.
They must always begin by remarking that “it has too often been said…”, and then go on to declare that reality is something quite different and has at last been ‘discovered’ (by them), and that up until now all the world has been ‘living a lie’
This strategy is applied above all to things that are evident and universally known. Thus, it would doubtless be too naive to acknowledge that a lion is a carnivore, and that he is not quite safe to meet!”
Frithjof Schuon