23 June 22
“None but superficial minds could stumble into the concept of a ‘National God,’ of a ‘National Religion’”
Pope Pius XI, 1937
With today’s landmark Supreme Court Decision, written by Clarence Thomas (a hero of our time), leftist politicians, who never play by the rules, are already declaring that they will find ways to yet deny Second Amendment Rights to American Citizens (while continuing to enthusiastically grant them to violent criminals, illegal aliens, and themselves)!
Democrats will continue to actively sponsor violent vandalism and personal attacks, including murder, of Conservative institutions and individuals, even including Supreme Court Justices, as we’ve seen.
Just as Mussolini used his “Black Shirts” to threaten, harass, injure, and murder his political opponents,
Democrat politicians are right now using ANTIFA and BLM, sometimes even the FBI, for the exact same purpose.
Leftist DAs then insure that none are ever prosecuted.
Democrats, along with their media puppets, simultaneously insist that:
1) You don’t need rights. You need “protection,” protection from everything, including making your own decisions.
2) You don’t need liberty. You need regulating. Government employees are not there “to protect and serve,” but rather to “regulate and snoop”
3 You don’t need freedom. The only “freedom” to which you’re entitled is the freedom to understand that we are your absolute rulers, whom you are required to worship as gods, and that being a helpless victim is your ultimate civic duty.
More Supreme Court decisions are coming shortly
This summer will be exciting! Expanding shortages, squalor, lawlessness, chaos, anarchy.
Don’t bet your life on it!
“When secular belief systems take on the fervor of religion, more people are murdered than at any other time”
Steven Pinker