14 June 22
Rush on magazines!
Friends in the Industry are telling me that, within the last seventy-two hours, online retailers are limiting magazine sales to two or three per order.
Magazines manufactured by Glock, MagPul, Circle 10, Lancer, Okay, Thril, Duramag, et al are all suddenly in short supply!
Over the past few days, sales, particularly of 30-round M4 magazines, have increased exponentially.
Retailers are cleaned-out!
Once again, Americans are panicking as Congressional Democrats, and JRB, self-righteously talk about new federal restrictions of our Second Amendment rights, restrictions that will, of course, never apply to them.
All this as violent crime spirals off the gauge nationwide, and politicians scramble to significantly increase tax-payer-funded protective measures- for themselves!
All this as critically understaffed police departments blushfully announce that they can no longer respond in a timely manner to emergency calls.
Americans are genuinely frightened that they won’t be able to protect themselves from violent criminals who are relentlessly empowered, endorsed, protected, supported and encouraged by liberal Democrats.
It’s going to wax much worse!
We’re on our own!