27 June 22
When it’s least expected, you’re elected!
Tony Pagni
This from an LEO friend and student in TX:
“Last Saturday morning, I consumed five cans of spray-paint on some outdoor furniture, continuously pushing on that little button with my right index finger.
That afternoon, while dry-practicing before going to the range with my church-security team, I unhappily discovered that I couldn’t adequately depress the trigger of my G19!
I was surprised and alarmed, as this had never happened to me before.
And then I remembered the way you taught us to manipulate our rifle triggers with various fingers other than our normal trigger-finger, reminding us that it might be necessary some day!
So, I cautiously switched to my middle finger, and it worked like a charm!
I remember at the time you first introduced this drill to us thinking that this particular exercise was a little far-fetched!
Of course, I naively thought during our numerous training sessions that I would be the last person in the world to ever have to press triggers with any finger but my right index!
In any event, thanks for making us do that alternate-finger-drill, even though we were all skeptical at the time!”
When we go to the Range, we spend entirely too much time do what we’re already good at.
As we see, we need to spend at least some time doing what we’re not good at, even at the risk of looking ‘less than masterful’!
The trainer who deserves credit for this “alternate-finger-drill” described above is my friend and esteemed colleague, Frank Sharp. Frank is the one who first included it in his standard training routine, and I “appropriated” it from him, some years ago!
“You must ‘Test Your Luck’ now and then, because you might be going around lucky all day, and not even know it!”
Jimmy Dean