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On our own!

19 May 22   “On our own!”   The Tops Grocery Store in Buffalo, NY where last Saturday’s multiple murder took place is now indefinitely closed. Residents of the local community now must shop elsewhere.   The 911 Operator who precipitously hung-up on the panicked Tops Store manager who tried to call-in the incident has […]


18 May 22   Ammunition manufacturers are still telling me that primers are in short supply, particularly pistol primers.   However, Defiant Ammunition now has 5.56×45 55gr TCX (all copper) ammunition in good supply, but it won’t last!   Contact Pete Pi directly. Be sure to use the DTI Student Discount Code (below)   Peter […]


17 May 22   “And you throw-off every conceptual cloak of self-defense.   You give-up fleshly resistance of your ego.   ‘Repentance’ has nothing to do with self-serving ‘sorrow’ for transgressions and resultant poor outcomes.   Repentance is an ecstatic self-emptying, a precipitous change of mind about your mode of thinking and being.”   Christos […]


10 May 22   “Jesus reserved his harshest criticism for hypocrites” Philip Yancey   Life in NJ!   I just completed a Defensive Handgun Course in NJ last weekend. I maintain a cadre of enthusiastic students and instructors there!   In NJ, as in a few other states, state-issued CCW permits are unobtainable by mere […]

A Tale of Two Clips!

4 May 22   “‘Failure’” is just success in progress!”   Albert Einstein   Metallic cartridge and feeding.   Detachable, box magazines were invented by British/Canadian (later American) inventor, James Paris Lee, in the 1870s. Lee went on to design the 303 British Lee-Metford Rifle (that incorporated his detachable box magazine), adopted by the British […]