27 May 22
2022 NRA National Conference and Show, Houston, TX
I arrived in Houston yesterday, and Vendors’ Show started today at the Convention Center in downtown Houston.
DJT was here and delivered a speech. I did not attend. Watched it on TV later in the day!
Friends familiar with NRA politics tell me not to expect major changes in NRA’s hierarchy any time soon.
Disappointing to many!
The facility and adjoining hotels and restaurants are all elegant, but expensive! Inflation has really hit the travel business, and not just with regard to the price of gasoline!
A few protestors showed up, but there was a heavy police presence, and HPD along with the Harris Co SO did not mess around!
Placard-carrying protestors were kept well away from the Center. I only saw them from a distance. Never confronted one, nor ever heard them, nor got close to one!
Here is what I saw today that I consider of interest:
Lots of collector societies had interesting historical guns on display. I love to be able to see these old guns that predated what we use today!
I can’t keep track of all the different manufacturers making their version of the Glock pistol!
I particularly like Mossberg’s MC2. Slick and flat. I’m carrying my copy now!
Many overseas manufacturers, like Canik, are making a very credible product, all featuring polymer frame, striker firing, captured recoil spring, no decocking lever, no manual safety (with a few exceptions), double-column magazine. All now come set-up for optics!
The vast majority feature a “trigger-tab” passive safety. Exceptions have been FN and S&W, both of whom have gone with a “jointed trigger” (which has the same effect).
However, S&W has made the switch to a trigger-tab safety on their M&P line, and now FN is doing the same with their 509 model. 509s FN is supplying to the LAPD (and other departments) feature the “MDR-LE” tabbed trigger.
Looks as if “articulated triggers” are going by the wayside!
Cor-Bon, now with its third set of owners, is producing 9mm and 5.56×45, all to the same standards to which we’re accustomed. They’re busy!
Three CEOs who are not afraid to man their own booths (all day) and talk directly with customers are Alex Robinson of Robinson Arms, Kevin Underwood of Underwood Ammunition, and Justin Moon of Kahr. These guys are all modern American heroes!
I saw Blackhawk’s “Tecgrip” holster, which the customer heats-up and then molds to the pistol himself. Handy product for those with obscure pistols in which few other holster-makers are interested.
Both POF (Patriot Ordinance Factory) and Dark Storm make light, handy ARs in 308 (7.62×51) caliber. Good choices for those who like that caliber.
Several companies making handbag/holsters were there. Of particular note is “Packin’ Neat.” They make an insert that “drops-into” existing purses and handbags. The insert features a well-designed integral holster.
Savior, maker of low-profile rifle cases (that I use), is now making “violin cases,” specifically designed to hold an M4. It’s a “hard case,” that is designed to satisfy TSA requirements!
I saw Kimber’s “Maco,” a small 11-shooter (9mm) designed for concealed carry. Nice size!
For magnifying optics on serious rifles, I prefer 1×4. Steiner and Leupold both make excellent candidates, albeit pricy. An optics-maker with which I was not familiar until today, Osprey Global, makes an excellent, compact, illuminated 1×4 that retails for under $250.00. Looks good to me!
More tomorrow!