23 May 22
Ammunition in Europe, from a friend there:
“With the war still raging in Ukraine, with no let-up in sight, 90% of European small-arms ammunition production is currently going to NATO military stockpiles. Some ammunition is being imported from the USA, but the vast majority is staying (and being consumed) there!
What little is left for us European peons is austerely rationed across the commercial sector.
Accordingly, local gun retailers (Belgium) are severely limiting the amount any one consumer can buy. Prices jump with every new batch that comes through the door!
Who have failed to hoard are mostly out of luck now!
Even prices on Russian 7.62×39 and 5.45×39 from Barnaul are way up, and inventories are drying -up!
Reloading is all but impossible due to lack of components.
Shooting (and thus training) has become a surpassing luxury here, and it’s getting worse by the day!”
Residents of Western Europe and the UK are mostly defenseless, by design. Eastern Europeans, painfully familiar with peculiarities of Russian occupation, are slightly better off!
Inflation is currently a worldwide plague. Comparisons between Euros and US Dollars are out-of-date within days, sometimes minutes, as our dollars, under the JRB Administration, are relentlessly becoming worthless!
A reasonable private supply of ammunition (and arms) is comforting!
A “comfort” not enjoyed my many these days, as we see!
“Wealth is vapor now!”
Aidan Truhen