10 May 22
“Jesus reserved his harshest criticism for hypocrites”

Philip Yancey

Life in NJ!
I just completed a Defensive Handgun Course in NJ last weekend. I maintain a cadre of enthusiastic students and instructors there!
In NJ, as in a few other states, state-issued CCW permits are unobtainable by mere peons. A few are issued (quietly), but only to those who are politically connected at a high level. The “System” is completely arbitrary!
Most of my students had G19s. Some, in compliance with state law, used “reduced-capacity” magazines.
However, most had “regular” magazines, which are easily obtainable in nearby PA.
Some carry concealed regularly, as “within the law” there is no viable solution to ever-worsening security issues. This situation, of course, does not concern frowzy Democrat hypocrites, as they bask in continuous protection provided by an ever-expanding army of heavily-armed, taxpayer-funded bodyguards, much as does the current mayor of Chicago!
Obviously, that “option” is not available to the average taxpayer!
My students expressed resentment of the paradox that the “right” to an abortion must never be so much as even discussed, much less questioned, even in whispers. Yet, the right to own and carry guns for personal protection is enjoyed exclusively by the “politically privileged,” and casually denied to the rest of us!
Our courageous forbearers came to this Continent fleeing feudalism, in Europe, Asia, Mexico, and most other places. Feudalism is the perpetual rule of a self-righteous, privileged, paranoid few who regard the rest of us as little more than expendable livestock. Under feudalism, there are no “individual rights,” only privileges, occasionally handed-out to “political friends,” at the pleasure of “The Chosen.”
Under feudalism, “law” becomes impossibly voluminous, contradictory, incomprehensible, arbitrarily enforced, and weaponized by the elite in an effort to punish/silence critics
Under feudalism, who so much as talk about “inalienable rights conferred upon us by our
Creator” are quickly burned at the stake!
Here in America, Democrat/Communists are returning us to feudalism, and they’re assuring us, as did Joe Stalin, that they’re “doing it for our own good”
They insist the definition of “rights” must be left exclusively to them, not as described in our Constitution and interpreted by our Supreme Court.
My NJ students are on the leading edge of this epic battle between the freedom-loving and arrogant feudalists.
They are heroes!
“What we do now echoes in eternity”
Marcus Aurelius