28 May 22
2022 NRA Show, Second day (and last day for me!)
Much-reduced protestor presence today. There were even a few pro-gun protestors, but I only observed them through a window.
Again, HPD was right on top of it all!
1911 Pistols:
Users of 1911s represent an ever-dwindling minority of our students these days. Friends at Gunsite tell me it’s pretty much the same there.
However, the system is far from dead, as I can surmise from all the people still manufacturing them.
Down the List:
Nighthawk makes a fabulous copy. So smooth and silky! Plain-vanilla model is $3,500.00, and you’ll have to wait for a number of months. But, they’re top-of-the-line for 1911-o-philes!
Kimber’s plain-vanilla model is $1,700.00. Worth every penny, and no waiting! Also a good choice for 1911-o-philes!
S&W makes a very acceptable copy, as does Kahr.
Kahr’s plain-vanilla is $700.00, and it runs just fine!
Below $700.00, I not sure there are any I’d recommend.
One hundred years from now, 1911s will still be around!
The issue of magazines precipitously falling-out of M4s (because they fail to lock in place, usually because they’re over-stuffed) has been addressed by a new BCG designed by a company called Speed-Tac. I now have a copy, and I’m going to use it as soon a I return home.
My friends at Gunsite love it, and their opinion carries much weight with me!
A company called Gen2 (I hope I have that right) showed me a folding-armbrace, AR pistol with a 12-inch barrel (5.56×45). With the armbrace folded is a very short, and very light. Ideal for commercial air travel!
Of course, sometime in August we’re supposed to know how ATF is going to deal with arm-races. Until then, status of these weapons is up in the air.
NRA put-on a wonderful Show this year, and it was well attended.
Houston is the ideal venue!