Monthly Archives: April 2022

A Girl and a Gun!

28 Apr 22   “A Girl and a Gun” (G&G) “Celebrate 2022″ Conference, Grand Junction, CO   Vicki and I are here in Grand Junction, CO at the beautiful and expansive Cameo Range Complex for the 2022 G&G Conference.   We’re both teaching classes, along with John Murphy, Tim Kelly, Tiffany Johnson, Diana Rathbone, Steve […]

“With ‘friends’ like these…

25 Apr 22   “We have met the enemy, and they are us!”   Pogo (comic-strip character created by Walt Kelly, published from 1948-1975)   The Inter-Allied Military Control Commission arranged for the destruction of countless tons of German WWI small arms and other military equipment after WWI ended.   Not so in France and […]

Behold, I Make All things New!

21 Apr 22   New Rifle, New Caliber!   Two day ago, the Pentagon officially announced what many have suspected for some time:   After over two years (actually, more like fifty years!) of testing and evaluation, the US Army’s new rifle will be SIG’s candidate, an upscaled version of their existing gas-piston MCX Rifle, […]

Unsung Hero!

20 Apr 22   “Every war has martyrs, the unsung heroes.   They fight because they are trained to, kill because they are told to, and die because they are destined to.”   Anurag Shourie   Ferguson and his rifle!   Matchlock muskets were in use in Western Civilization starting in the 1400s, but were […]


15 Apr 22   Crime wave!   In the middle of our current manufactured national violent crime crisis, Los Angeles criminal gangs have recently targeted “the wealthy,” with scant interference from (defunded) local police!   “Follow-Home Robberies,” is the new catch-phrase.   An apparently well-to-do person seen exiting an expensive retail store, restaurant, or night […]


9 Apr 22   “Our own brand of democracy has reached a point in its evolution where we expect ruthless, self-protective pragmatism from our politicians, rather than idealism; where noble sentiments are likely dismissed as ‘the vision thing;’ where winning is everything, civility is in short supply, and the lack of respect between political opponents, […]

Live From The Field

5 Apr 22   “Who wants to be cruel will finds things to be cruel about”   Spanish Proverb   It’s the 1940s all over again!   Shortly before I was born, safe and sound in the USA, Nazis, Japanese, and Bolsheviks alike were carrying-out mass murders of both POWs and innocent non-combatants in Ukraine, […]