5 Apr 22
“Who wants to be cruel will finds things to be cruel about”
Spanish Proverb
It’s the 1940s all over again!
Shortly before I was born, safe and sound in the USA, Nazis, Japanese, and Bolsheviks alike were carrying-out mass murders of both POWs and innocent non-combatants in Ukraine, Poland, Serbia, Yugoslavia, Poland, China, the Philippines, et al.
The scope of the slaughter was barely comprehended until long after WWII ended. Even today, many can scarcely believe it.
Yet, it was all too real for those few who miraculously lived through it, and for the millions who didn’t!
Eighty years later, it’s all started again, confined to Ukraine… for now.
The wanton and wide-spread massacre of innocents by Russian troops and “intelligence operatives,” described by Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during his UN speech this morning sounds all too familiar!
So long as Vlad P remains in-charge in Russia, the fighting, and the massacres, with continue and expand!
In eighty years, our world hasn’t advanced much!
I don’t see a lessening of hostilities (much less a return of peace) any time soon!
“With recent history as our guide, it can scarcely be doubted that no war, no matter where it breaks out, can be ‘localized,’ and no country can be certain that it will not be drawn into the conflict”
Maxim Litvinov, Soviet “Secretary of State” (Peoples’ Commissar for Foreign Affairs), 1933.
Litvinov was replaced by Vyachaslav Molotov in 1939, who lent his name to the famous “Molotov Cocktail,” so-dubbed by Fins during the “Winter War” of 1939/1940.
Litvinov was Jewish, and his sacking by Stalin in favor of Mototov was interpreted by Hitler as a “good-will gesture,” an effort to soften relations (heretofore bitter) between the two nations.
The “good will” was short-lived!