15 Apr 22
Crime wave!
In the middle of our current manufactured national violent crime crisis, Los Angeles criminal gangs have recently targeted “the wealthy,” with scant interference from (defunded) local police!
“Follow-Home Robberies,” is the new catch-phrase.
An apparently well-to-do person seen exiting an expensive retail store, restaurant, or night club is identified by gang members whose job it is to watch for such things and identify likely vulnerable victims. He then notifies his gang fellows who follow the potential victim all the way to his/her home and then attack and brutalize targeted victim(s) steal their money, car, and also ransack the home, sometimes rape and murder too!
This trend is not confined to LA!
The “Limousine Liberal” Beverly Hills crowd, who used to think “bail reform,” “open borders,” and simultaneous “police defunding” were so “cute,” never expected to be actual victims of their own arrogant foolishness!
“Just call the police. That’s their job. No one needs a gun for self-protection,”
… they used to say, so casually!
Now, “calling the police” will seldom generate a quick response, maybe no response at all!
Now, limousine liberals are desperately crowding gun stores only to discover that their darling Marxist politicians, whom they supported and voted for, have imposed all kinds of restrictions on their former rights!
They can’t have the gun they want, as it has not been “approved” for sale in CA (and probably never will be, as gun manufacturers have waxed weary of trying to comply with CA’s labyrinthine, arbitrary, insufferable regulations; many manufacturers don’t even try). “Selection” is thus meager, and purchasers still have to endure a mandatory “waiting period” before they can take delivery.
And, while Soros-installed prosecutors refuse to prosecute/incarcerate the very violent criminals we so morbidly fear, nor deport criminal illegal aliens, they just can’t wait to prosecute hapless tax-paying, gainfully-employed, law-abiding citizens who desperately use guns to protect themselves and their homes.
Heaven forbid one of their precious criminals would be harmed, nor even inconvenienced!
Democrats are pro-criminal, and they’re entrenched in places like CA, WA, OR, NY, NJ, etc.
The sage who live in those places are moving out, while they still can!
“Fear doesn’t shut you down.
It wakes you up”
Veronica Roth