9 Apr 22
“Our own brand of democracy has reached a point in its evolution where we expect ruthless, self-protective pragmatism from our politicians, rather than idealism; where noble sentiments are likely dismissed as ‘the vision thing;’ where winning is everything, civility is in short supply, and the lack of respect between political opponents, sometimes amounting almost to loathing, only serves to reinforce voters’ cynicism about all of them.”
Hugh Mackay
In 1943, US soldiers fighting in the Pacific Campaign came home on leave to San Francisco, took a train to places like New Orleans, and then returned the same way when leave was over.
Along with personal gear, soldiers were required to carry their M1 Garand Rifles, plus ammunition, with them during the entire period, particularly when using public transportation.
Officers were expected to carry 1911 pistols continuously.
No one was surprised, nor concerned!
During a security emergency, American soldiers and Marines, even when on leave, were expected to get together, immediately organize themselves into impromptu fighting units, and then report for duty to the nearest officer or NCO, already armed and prepared to fight!
Back then, everyone believed that such a universal and constant state of readiness represented a significant deterrent to invasion, even violent street crime.
Can you imagine anything like that with our woke-inspired, gun-phobic, “unarmed forces” of today?
Today, “woke” commanders openly discourage soldiers from even owning guns or displaying any interest in shooting, riflery, marksmanship, self-defense. Heaven forbid that any soldier, including officers, would actually bring a real gun onto a military base, or carry one off-base!
Today, even soldiers deployed to dangerous forward areas routinely carry empty guns, on those rare occasions when they’re allowed to be “armed” at all!
Our grandfathers were trusted with guns. Clearly, the current generation is not!
Since the advent of the (former) Soviet Union in 1922, Russians have consistently lied about atrocities committed by their armed forces, particularly by various “secret police” units, like the NKVD/KGB. This institutionalized prevarication continues to this day, as we’re currently seeing in Ukraine!
Russians have casually violated accord after accord, never adhering to any agreed-upon terms for one instant longer than it was convenient for them to do so.
Such atrocities were/are always done at virtually no risk to the perpetrators themselves when committed against the unarmed, be they soldiers or non-combatants.
That’s exactly why the “gun-phobic mantra” is so enthusiastically embraced and promoted, then as now, by all leftists/Communists, foreign and domestic.
They want to be able to slaughter/massacre with scant risk to themselves.
Some things never change!
Somewhere, a True Believer is preparing to murder you. It’s nothing personal. He just fervently believes that you, and your entire civilization, for the ultimate good of all humankind, need to be exterminated!
He is making do with minimal food, water, supplies, facilities, and sympathy. He has learned to depend upon nothing and no one, except himself. To his superiors, he is expendable. He trains day and night. He lives in filth and has lost count of his scars and brushes with death. The only clean things on him are his weapons, and he manufactured his own web gear. He doesn’t obsess over cardiovascular health, body fat, blood-pressure, carbohydrates, nor what workout is best. He is thankful to have anything to eat! His gear weighs what it weighs, and his runs ‘end’ only when his enemies stop chasing him. This True Believer has scant concern with pain and discomfort, neither his nor anyone else’s, nor does he worry about other people’s “rules”
Brutalized from infancy, he has become brutal himself, and he knows with each encounter, he either wins, or dies, and, either way, nobody cares, nor ever will.
He expects no mercy, nor will he have any. He doesn’t plan on living to old age, and he doesn’t go home at 1700.
He is home!
He lives his “…ism”
Do you?