28 Apr 22
“A Girl and a Gun” (G&G) “Celebrate 2022″ Conference, Grand Junction, CO
Vicki and I are here in Grand Junction, CO at the beautiful and expansive Cameo Range Complex for the 2022 G&G Conference.
We’re both teaching classes, along with John Murphy, Tim Kelly, Tiffany Johnson, Diana Rathbone, Steve Moses, Louann Hamblin, Shelly and Brian Hill, and a host of others.
Five hundred and fifty women, from all over the country, are in attendance. It is a huge event!
At the vendor area today, I saw several products of interest:
The “Go Safe” device is an inert magazine that fits in an autoloading pistol (confined to Glock 17/19 for now). It has a key lock at the base. When locked, the gun is inert, and the magazine cannot be removed, nor can the slide be reciprocated.
A second version holds ten rounds of live ammunition. But, when locked, the pistol won’t fire, nor can the magazine be removed.
For one, I prefer to lock guns up within a secure container, rather than somehow making them inert. However, this device will appeal to some under some circumstances.
Dene Adams makes a nice elastic belly-band that appeals to many women. It is the only one I’ve seen that features (optional) a stiff, kydex holster, so that pistols, once drawn, can be holstered quickly, using only one hand.
This product makes a viable carry option for many (not just women) who prefer not to hang holsters off a belt.
I shot the new Walther “F Series,” specifically the “PDPF, Compact” It runs fine, of course, but it is more “blocky” than the elegant PPQ, which is now out of production.
This double-column 9MM pistol is designed to appeal to women who want to carry concealed regularly.
Primary Arms red dots are similar to Aimpoint’s line, but are a good deal less expensive. I’ve had them in classes, and they run fine!
The Holosun pistol red-dot features a chevron reticle, surrounded by a faint red circle. When the reticle is on-target the red circle is large enough so that you can barely see it on the edges of the screen.
When the pistol is drawn, and the shooter can’t see the reticle right away, he will be able to see the arc of the red circle and thus know what direction to move the pistol in order to visually acquire the reticle.
For pistol-mounted red-dots, I think this represents a real advancement!
GTM displayed their wonderful line of handbags, as did Ukoala, who makes a convenient “Urban Utility Bag”
Robyn Sandoval, G&G’s Executive Director, has done a stellar job putting this Conference together! She really knows how to organize events and elegantly coordinate 10k details!
Women gun owners and aspiring Operators need to be members and need to attend!
Classes start tomorrow!