Monthly Archives: February 2022

“Keep and Bear”

27 Feb 22   “Plans rarely work perfectly, but preparation always pays off.”   Eisenhower   “Vlad the Invader” is unhappily discovering that armed, free citizens don’t give-in so easily!   Arms are being issued to erstwhile unarmed Ukrainians rather late in the game, but free citizens with the will and means to fight effectively […]

Red Dawn!

24 Feb 22   “In what used to be referred to as “Western Civilization,” we’ve convinced ourselves that hard decisions, productive work, and sacrifice are things of the past, unnecessary in a “New Age,” where everything we could ever possibly want may be had without effort.   And, thus willingly self-deceived, we foolishly vote for […]

You’re next!

22 Feb 22   “Weakness, the oxygen of tyrants”   Dagen McDowell   Vlad P has all the respect and admiration for JRB in 2022 that Hitler had for Neville Chamberlain in 1938! Imagine the howls of laughter and knee-slapping occurring right now in the Kremlin at the news of White House’s indecisive hand-wringing, nail-biting, […]

Standing Fast!

18 Feb 22   “I’ve looked all around, and I’ve yet to see a single person wearing a ‘Build Back Better’ baseball cap”   Anon   American liberals have spent the last four decades deliberately demonizing the Art of Marksmanship and thus driving honorable activities such as target riflery and field hunting out of high […]


15 Feb 22   Comments on blown primers, from friends, students, instructors:   “Any time 5.56 brass is reclaimed for reloading, there is a risk of getting cases that are from 5.56-level ammunition, but that were fired in .223 chambers.   The combination of 5.56-pressure ammunition fired in a chamber with .223-spec freebore and throat […]

Blown Primers!

14 Feb 22   Blown primers!   At a DTI Urban Rifle Course in SC last weekend, a student brought an M4 chambered for 300Blk. Ammunition was factory reloads from a reputable source.   The rifle was running normally when the bolt abruptly failed to close, and of course, the rifle to fire.   Looking […]

Mossberg MC2

7 Feb 22   Mossberg MC2 Pistol   Over the past week I’ve had the chance to shoot and carry the relatively new Mossberg pistols, the MC2c and MC2sc (“compact” and “sub-compact”).   I have to hand it to Mossberg! This feisty American gun company has fearlessly entered the crowded and extremely competitive arena of […]

“Grievance-Based Violence’

2 Feb 22   “We’ll have lower and lower horizons imposed upon us, until we all find ourselves in 400 square-foot squalid, government-owned, apartments, in high-rise ghettos, while our pampered, dynastic, ruling aristocracy rides in limousines, ever-escorted by armies of heavily-armed guards, and soars the stratosphere in Gulfstream IIs, contemptuously looking down upon us surfs […]