24 Feb 22
“In what used to be referred to as “Western Civilization,” we’ve convinced ourselves that hard decisions, productive work, and sacrifice are things of the past, unnecessary in a “New Age,” where everything we could ever possibly want may be had without effort.
And, thus willingly self-deceived, we foolishly vote for prevaricating, dishonest politicians who assure us they will usher-in interminable opulence, where ecumenical prosperity will endlessly, magically fall out of the sky with no one ever so much as having to lift a finger
Whom the gods would destroy they indeed first make mad!”
I vividly recall the way smug, condescending Hollywood leftists openly mocked Director John Milius’ epic film, “Red Dawn” when it hit American movie screens in 1984.
They screeched in unison, “It’s nonsense! It can’t happen! It’s nothing more than a crazed right winger’s fantasy! It’s complete fiction,” etc
Soviet Communists militarily invade Budapest, Hungary, 1956.
Soviet Communists militarily invade Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1968.
Soviet Communists militarily invade Kabul, Afghanistan, 1979.
Russian Communists militarily invade the Republic of Georgia, 2008.
Russian Communists militarily invade the Crimean Peninsula, 2014.
Russian Communist militarily invade Ukraine, 2022.
Right now, Ukraine’s beleaguered President is calling-up all military reserves.
He is reversing decades of ill-conceived anti-gun policy and mandating the issuance of small arms to all
Ukrainian adults, in many cases replacing wooden props (because their politicians, like ours, didn’t trust their own citizens with guns). These same citizens are now expected to fight and die protecting these same politicians who never trusted them!
By golly, “Red Dawn” is all too real!
Yet, Democrats here continue to elect amoral, incompetent, ever-sleazy Marxist politicians and then foolishly expect them to be courageous, dynamic, honorable leaders when dangerous winds blow.
In 2022, “Red Dawn” has arrived in Europe, and it’s not as if we had no warning!