7 Feb 22
Mossberg MC2 Pistol
Over the past week I’ve had the chance to shoot and carry the relatively new Mossberg pistols, the MC2c and MC2sc (“compact” and “sub-compact”).
I have to hand it to Mossberg! This feisty American gun company has fearlessly entered the crowded and extremely competitive arena of pistols carried by Operators and intended strictly for serious purposes. In that vein, the MC2 is well-designed, well-made, and well thought-out!
Someone who actually carries a concealed pistol obviously had some input!
As someone who carries a defensive pistol(s) on a regular basis, every day, there are certain features I prefer and look for.
One has many choices these days, but none are perfect. What I look for in a concealed-carry pistol is a acceptable compromise.
I’ll start with what I don’t like:
1. Manual safeties. With a striker-fired pistol (as most now are) with a 5.5-7lb trigger, the addition of a manual safety lever or button represents a silly, annoying, and hazardous redundancy. Something else to remember. Something else to forget. Something else that will inadvertently find itself in the “wrong” position. Something else about which to worry.
I don’t want one on a striker-fired pistol intended for instant, close-range, emergency personal defense!
2. Ambidexterity! In an effort to be “modern and trendy,” many manufacturers are duplicating manual controls, namely manual safeties, slide lock/release levers, magazine-release buttons, on both sides of the pistol.
This does little more than add pointless width and bulk, and increases the likelihood controls will be engaged unintentionally!
3. Oversized/maladroit controls. I like pistols that are slim, slick, and fast, with no snags, no sharp edges/corners, no superfluous protrusions!
Mossberg’s 9mm MC2 comes through with a respectable score on all the above points!
It is polymer-framed and striker-fired. Tabbed trigger. Field-stripping is unconventional, but the system works fine. Even I can do it!
This pistol is slim (much like a G48) and flat, with rounded corners and smooth contours. Slide lock/release lever is found on the left side only and is well-rebated and out of the way.
Magazine-release button is modest and sticks-out no further than necessary
Yet, the MC2 is a 14-shooter, with its standard, flush magazine. It becomes a 16-shooter with the extended magazine (which I don’t like owing to the bulk it adds)
The pistol is comfortable to carry and appears to be durable. My students and I have run enough rounds through it (mostly +p) that I am satisfied with its suitability as a carry-gun.
As my carry-pistol, it is about to be treated to continuous use/abuse and more-or-less utter neglect!
I’ll have more to say as I have more experience with it.