22 Feb 22
“Weakness, the oxygen of tyrants”
Dagen McDowell
Vlad P has all the respect and admiration for JRB in 2022 that Hitler had for Neville Chamberlain in 1938!
Imagine the howls of laughter and knee-slapping occurring right now in the Kremlin at the news of White House’s indecisive hand-wringing, nail-biting, and infantile whining about what constitutes an “invasion.”
As Russia militarily invades Ukraine, assuring the West that they only want “part” of the nation, it’s beginning to sound a great deal like Hitler when he assured the UK, France, USA, et al that he only wanted the Sudetenland and would voluntarily stop his invasion of (then) Czechoslovakia as soon as that province was secured.
Like Hitler, Vlad P contemptuously (and correctly) regards “leaders” on the UK, France, Germany, and especially the USA, as feeble, fearful, narcissistic worms.  (“worms” is the term Hitler used)
Vlad P had clearly said he has always planned on restoring the former Soviet Union (officially dissolved in 1991) to its former self. We have to admit, he is a man of his word!
He has scant fear of our pitiable “threats.” Like Hitler, he is confident we will do nothing!
There is no doubt that these two initial “break-away republics” located in eastern Ukraine will be quickly converted to forward operating bases from which Russian commanders will be able to direct and support military and intelligence operations necessary for the rapid conquest of the balance of Ukraine.
Who believes Putin will stop there is a fool!
Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, eastern Germany, Finland, et al are all extremely troubled about Putin’s desire to gobble up terrain that was once under the Soviet boot. They know they’re next, and they’re thus even more worried about the West’s collective lack of resolve!
Lesson for nations and individuals:
1. Never give-up your guns!
2. Never depend on promised “protection,” no matter who makes the promise!