27 Feb 22
“Plans rarely work perfectly, but preparation always pays off.”
“Vlad the Invader” is unhappily discovering that armed, free citizens don’t give-in so easily!
Arms are being issued to erstwhile unarmed Ukrainians rather late in the game, but free citizens with the will and means to fight effectively don’t just roll-over for every international bully who comes along (particularly one with Russia’s historical reputation), as we see.
Gun restrictions got their start in the UK (and the rest of Europe) when news leaked-out of the brutal 17 July 1918 murder of Russia’s entire royal family (Czar Nicholas II, his wife, and their five children) by Bolsheviks (Communists).
The unsavory vision of royal families being assaulted and murdered by barbarous Communist revolutionaries, instantly scared the snot out of Britain’s royal family, and most other royal families in Europe!
Guns in private hands in the UK were thus immediately restricted.
What few gun rights UK citizens still enjoyed by the 1980s were mostly erased. Additional bans followed in 1988 (rifles and shotguns), and in 1997 (all handguns). Restrictions apply also to residents of Scotland and Wales. Some private ownership of guns is still possible in Northern Ireland.
Most of western Europe followed along.
Former members of the Soviet Warsaw Pact in eastern Europe, even when they gained independence, retained most restrictions on the private ownership of guns.
Politicians are all the same (to their dishonor), here and there. They never trust their own citizens, even ones who vote for them, with guns. Like members of royal families, their all-consuming paranoia causes them to believe that they should have guns, but that you shouldn’t, and that you should accept, even support, that grotesque notion!
In America, we sovereign citizens neither support, nor accept, the status of “expendable livestock” that leftist politicians would impose upon us. We have and cherish our Constitution’s Second Amendment, despite efforts of Democrats to abolish it, and/or pretend it doesn’t really exist!
When the USA is invaded, as is taking place in Ukraine now (by Russians, or by insurrectionists freely flowing across our southern border, with JRB’s blessing), who will step-up, with his privately-owned “assault weapon” in hand, and put his life at risk to defend this nation?
Conversely, who will be desperately begging for someone to give them a gun (which they wouldn’t know how to use anyway)?
I won’t be lending mine to anyone in the second category!
“I prefer dangerous liberty to peaceful slavery.”
The above is the new slogan of free Ukrainians!