2 Feb 22
“We’ll have lower and lower horizons imposed upon us, until we all find ourselves in 400 square-foot squalid, government-owned, apartments, in high-rise ghettos, while our pampered, dynastic, ruling aristocracy rides in limousines, ever-escorted by armies of heavily-armed guards, and soars the stratosphere in Gulfstream IIs, contemptuously looking down upon us surfs suspiciously, making sure we’re not ‘harming the planet.’”
Attorneys General, all Democrats (of course!), from MA, CA, NY, and a number of other Democrat-dominated states, have now pseudo-sanctimoniously joined with the nation of Mexico in suing American gun companies, trying to put them out of business!
So much for phoney claims from Democrat/Marxists that they don’t intend to abolish our Second Amendment!
Of course, none of these nauseating hypocrites dared comment that guns carried by their own bodyguards, and that constantly protect them and their families, are manufactured by these same companies they’re so self-righteously trying to destroy!
And speaking of hypocrisy, Mexico’s own “government” has no plans to stop buying guns from these same manufacturers (that they claim to hate) for their own police, military, and of course, bodyguards assigned to politicians.
As general lawlessness becomes the Democrat-inspired “new normal” here in the USA, and in response frightened citizens are buying guns as fast as they can be manufactured, and politicians (including AGs mentioned above) are bolstering their own bodyguard details, Democrats are joining Mexico in doing their best to destroy an entire American industry!
When you’re not “adequately equipped and trained” by now, it will become exponentially more difficult when Democrats have their way!
“… the Right of self-defense is the foundation of both individual and national Rights.
By contrast, for liberals, legitimizing ‘grievance-based violence’ opens the door to the progressive tyranny they long for, as it did during the French Revolution”
Dan Greenfield