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28 Oct 21   “Stupidity is the same as evil, when you judge by results.”   Margaret Atwood   Trouble in “Paradise?”   In socialist Sweden, gun control is utterly draconian (exactly what Democrats want here).   Yet, violent crime in Sweden is out of control, and getting worse!   Heavily-armed ethnic criminal gangs in […]

Modern Arms

26 Oct 21   “An armed man is a ‘little republic,’ unto himself!”   Dan Baum   Military Rifle Basics:   Gas and delayed-blowback operating systems are the only ones suitable to modern, auto-loading military rifles. Recoil-operated rifles, with their moving barrels and required bearing surfaces, don’t work well in the field. The Maxim and […]

Too Stupid?

22 Oct 21   “Don’t get high on your own supply”   Drug-dealer’s axiom “Don’t spend too much time reading your own press-releases” Political equivalent   Liberal hypocrites!   Actor, Alec Baldwin, the same Hollywood leftist/elitist who insists, ad nauseam, that we mere peons, we the “unworthy and unwashed,” are too stupid to own guns, […]

Fit to Fight?

19 Oct 21   What to do!   “Those not capable of spirited, efficacious fighting are in continuous danger of being massacred!”   Anon   Americans residing in Republican Red States, with “shall-issue CCW policies” have a range of viable self-arming options. Yet, competent training is still critically necessary when privately owned and carried guns […]

A bad week for the unarmed!

16 Oct 21   The folly of the unarmed!   Both the UK and Norway last week saw wanton murders of the unarmed.   In the UK, it was a lone, knife-wielding attacker who murdered a Member of Parliament as the MP was holding an informal meeting with constituents. The MP died at the scene […]

OH Hunting Adventure!

14 Oct 21   Hunting in OH!   Tuesday, I shot a 100lb Fallow Deer at a range of 50m. Broadside, and the bullet entered just above the point of the shoulder. It went through-and-through (fully expanded) and was not recovered   I used my Marcolmar CETME/LC with Aimpoint T1. Ammunition was Defiant Munitions all-copper […]


10 Oct 21   News from Western Europe, from a friend living in Belgium:   “Within the EU, there has been a magazine-capacity limit of ten rounds (rifles and pistols) since 2017, along with other confusing ‘regulations’ too numerous to list, nor comprehend.   For this reason, Izhmash (Russian)-manufactured Kalashnikovs in 5.45×39 are more popular […]

Ammunition News!

5 Oct 21   Good news on ammunition:   Peter Pi, Jr, President of Defiant Munitions in Sturgis, SD has just announced a 20% off sale, lasting today and tomorrow, for DTI students, instructors, and DTI Quips subscribers.   This is all “high-performance” ammunition! Defiant Munitions in 9mm and 5.56×45 are what I carry and […]

Our “Unarmed Forces”

2 Oct 21   “The Pentagon stinks, just as bad as the rest of ‘The Swamp’”   Brunken   Our pathetic “unarmed forces”   On 18 Sept 21 (Sat), without any kind of warning, a man “wearing full ninja-garb” (whatever that means) attacked members of our US Army’s Special Operations Unit, in the middle of […]