22 Oct 21
“Don’t get high on your own supply”
Drug-dealer’s axiom

“Don’t spend too much time reading your own press-releases”

Political equivalent
Liberal hypocrites!
Actor, Alec Baldwin, the same Hollywood leftist/elitist who insists, ad nauseam, that we mere peons, we the “unworthy and unwashed,” are too stupid to own guns, inadvertently killed a film-set co-worker with a “prop-pistol” yesterday. Another co-worker was injured, apparently in the same incident.
A subsequent TV interview revealed that whoever was “safety coordinator” on this film-set was utterly unaware of the normal working of firearms, as well as correct gun-handling. No one was able to even begin to explain what went wrong!
The rabidly anti-gun among us (which includes nearly all of Hollywood’s self-righteous, leftist, “elite”) should never be allowed anywhere near others when handling firearms, even as supposed “props.”
They will invariably get it wrong (as we see), because they are willfully, arrogantly ignorant and unaccustomed to anything that resembles correct handling of deadly weapons.
Once again, these are the same people who insist that we “ordinary American citizens” are too stupid to own guns!