14 Oct 21
Hunting in OH!
Tuesday, I shot a 100lb Fallow Deer at a range of 50m. Broadside, and the bullet entered just above the point of the shoulder. It went through-and-through (fully expanded) and was not recovered
I used my Marcolmar CETME/LC with Aimpoint T1. Ammunition was Defiant Munitions all-copper TCX 55gr (5.56×45).
The animal jumped six feet into the air upon impact and came down in a heap. He struggle to get back up but fell forward. I was on the link and shot him again immediately. A third shot ended the affair.
My second and third shots were probably unnecessary, but I don’t like chasing wounded game!
We were at our favorite hunting preserve, Shawnee Ridge, in Stout, OH. They are wonderful!
Both rifle and ammunition performed perfectly!
Great day!
We all need to go hunting every chance we get!