10 Oct 21
News from Western Europe, from a friend living in Belgium:
“Within the EU, there has been a magazine-capacity limit of ten rounds (rifles and pistols) since 2017, along with other confusing ‘regulations’ too numerous to list, nor comprehend.
For this reason, Izhmash (Russian)-manufactured Kalashnikovs in 5.45×39 are more popular here than are M4s, as thirty-round AK magazines (purchased before 2017) are still widely owned here, and ten-round AR magazines (even then, only marginally available) not nearly so much.
It is difficult over here to get anything manufactured in the USA. Demand within the USA continues at a high level, and your manufacturers apparently do not think they need our market.
It takes months to get accessories through Brownells/Europe.
We thus rely on European manufacturers.
The UK is no longer included in that List, as since Bretex we have to pay high taxes on items from the UK.
Americans do not realize how lucky they are!”
World governments, including ours, do not want peons owning guns!
They use every method, from taxation, to hyper-regulation, to economic squeezing, to keep guns out of the hands of peons.
The wise have stocked-up.
For the clueless, it’s already too late in many venues!
In this unstable world, the unarmed/unprepared (by choice) are in real danger, no matter where they live!