28 Oct 21
“Stupidity is the same as evil, when you judge by results.”
Margaret Atwood
Trouble in “Paradise?”
In socialist Sweden, gun control is utterly draconian (exactly what Democrats want here).
Yet, violent crime in Sweden is out of control, and getting worse!
Heavily-armed ethnic criminal gangs in Sweden are daily involved in lethal shootings. Most such violent crime is confined to immigrant enclaves within large metro areas.
Gangs are extremely territorial and have no compunction about ruthlessly defending turfs, with gunfire! In fact,
Sweden has the highest number gun deaths on the Continent, surpassing even Italy and eastern Europe
Guns and ammunition carried and used by Swedish gangsters are all technically illegal, of course, and cannot be purchased lawfully. In addition, many (probably most) violent Swedish gangsters are illegal immigrants.
Police are hesitant about going into ethnic areas controlled by criminal gangs, as is the case now in much of Europe. Aggressively confronting and arresting armed gangsters is no longer something police do. Under Democrat mayors, this is now also universal policy in many metro areas within the USA!
Legal guns and gun-owners in Sweden are licensed by the state. Such licensing is, as one might expect, completely arbitrary and fraught with interminable delays, restrictions, and endless minutia. So, like all socialist countries, socialist Sweden brags about being virtually “gun-free,” but it is all a cruel lie!
Swedish gangsters easily acquire guns (illegal and unregistered) smuggled-in, mostly from the Balkans.
In view of the foregoing, Swedish socialists are, predictably, proposing only additional restrictions and burdens on law-abiding Swedes who don’t commit crimes! Like Marxists everywhere, they absolutely refuse to honestly confront, even acknowledge, real evil, real criminals, and real violent crime!
Comment: Airheads everywhere believe that socialism/Communism, with its elimination of the private ownership of guns, elimination of private property in general, elimination of personal freedom and liberty, and open borders will automatically bring about paradise/utopia!
They often use Sweden as an shining example!
Ask someone who actually lives there how this has all worked out!
“It is impossible to expel evil from the world in its entirety, but it is possible to constrict it within each person.”