2 Oct 21
“The Pentagon stinks, just as bad as the rest of ‘The Swamp’”
Our pathetic “unarmed forces”
On 18 Sept 21 (Sat), without any kind of warning, a man “wearing full ninja-garb” (whatever that means) attacked members of our US Army’s Special Operations Unit, in the middle of the night, in the California desert.
At least two injuries resulted, both minor.
The incident occurred at 1am, when a sword-wielding man, dressed as a “ninja,” entered the Inyokern Airport in Kern County, north of Los Angeles. Using a sword, the suspect assaulted a trooper at the scene, as well as throwing a rock through a hangar window, which struck yet another trooper.
Army troopers, twenty-six in number, members of the elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR), based in KY, were at the airport as part of a training exercise.
A trooper was approached by the suspect who asked several nonsensical questions. The suspect then precipitously produced a sword and swung it at the trooper, creating a shallow wound on the trooper’s leg.
The unarmed trooper then ran to a building, joining the balance of his unit. Doors were immediately locked, which the suspect then kicked but failed to breach.
Local police received several frantic calls reporting that Army troopers were “crouched in a hangar, wondering where the help was!”
Police eventually arrived and found the suspect on a nearby road. He violently resisted arrest, but was Tased and taken into custody. Suspect suffered no significant injury. No deputies were injured.
Comment: These unarmed Special Operations Soldiers (some of whom may have had small arms, but no ammunition) found themselves in an isolated area with no means of protecting themselves!
I’m not sure just how “elite” our fighting units have to be before they’re allowed to be armed all the time, but these troopers are apparently far below that threshold!
So, while our current Secretary of Defense and his ever-obedient gaggle of politi-generals enjoy their cushy pentagon jobs, as well as continuous protection provided by heavily-armed, tax-payer-funded bodyguards, our troopers in the field, who actually do the job of protecting us, aren’t allowed to protect even themselves!
Our courageous Airmen, Coastguardsmen, Marines, Sailors and Soldiers, through no fault of their own, but due only to DOD’s asinine anti-gun policy, are now the laughing-stock of the entire world, to include savages from the Seventh Century who are currently running the show in Kabul and who, unlike us, aren’t afraid of guns!
I’ve editorialized more than once on the subject.
Is there any articulable reason that our military officers and S/NCOs do not “go armed” all the time, particularly when they, and their units, are dangerously isolated, as was the case here?”
There is a reason, of course, but it is not an honorable one:
Just like Joe Stalin, this current generation of cynical Marxist politicians (in and out of uniform), do not trust our
troopers, even officers and S/NCOs, for the same reason they do not trust loyal, tax-paying American citizens.
Slaves to their own paranoid fantasies, they only want to protect themselves- from us!
To leftists, American Troopers, and citizens alike, are thus utterly expendable cannon-fodder, as we see!
“You cannot ‘reason’ with a tiger, when your head is in its mouth!
When will this lesson be learned?”
Winston Churchill (Played by Gary Oldman) in the 2017 feature film, “Darkest Hour”