Monthly Archives: May 2021

Asleep at the Switch!

14 May 21   JRB represents a far-left (Marxist) political agenda that embraces mediocrity, in the name of “equality.” I can’t imagine why anyone is surprised!   In addition, he personally is far removed from being “in his prime.” He is weak and overwhelmed, mentally as well as physically, as both we, and our enemies, […]

Atlas is dying!

12 May 21   American writer and philosopher, Ayn Rand, was born in Russia in the first decade of the Twentieth Century.   She fled Leninist/Stalinist Russia in 1926, at the age of twenty-one, and came to America.   Here, she opposed the Democrat “nanny-state” from the beginning, and for good reason!   Naturally, she […]

“Making the World Safe for Criminals!”

11 May 21   “Civilization was a blessing you never truly appreciated, until it threatened to collapse around you.”   Peter Hamilton   “Safe” for violent offenders?   I remember when I was going through the Police Academy back in the early 1970s, and shooting at a paper target called the “B21, Police Silhouette”   […]


4 May 21   “I’d say it’s impossible, but the Commandant trained the word out of me.”   Sabaa Tahir   During Urban Rifle training last weekend, a student using a Kalashnikov experienced a UD!   The rifle was slung, muzzle down, and the bullet (7.62×39) hit the gravel in front of his feet and […]

“Badges” are coming back!

3 May 21   Western European update, from a friend there:   “Two months ago, the EU announced that they’re going to implement a ‘vaccine passport,’ that will be mandatory for travel across Europe.   The proposal has been accepted by EU’s Parliament, but with a ‘sunset provision’ that it go away after twelve months. […]