3 May 21
Western European update, from a friend there:
“Two months ago, the EU announced that they’re going to implement a ‘vaccine passport,’ that will be mandatory for travel across Europe.
The proposal has been accepted by EU’s Parliament, but with a ‘sunset provision’ that it go away after twelve months.
Of course, no one believes that!
‘Government programs’ (always designed to take away our individual freedom, and accomplish little else), once implemented, never go away. Quite the contrary. They grow and expand exponentially, providing limitless employment opportunity for an ever-expanding army of erstwhile unemployed bureaucrats!
Recently, Belgium and France proposed a ‘COVID Pass.’ This pass (taking the form of a ‘badge’ that is always worn on the outside) will allow one to go into restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, get on airplanes, etc.
Vaccination is not currently ‘compulsory,’ but it is painfully obvious that when you want to travel and engage in other normal human activities, you get their medicine, and any other ‘medicine’ they decide you need,
or be shunned like a leper!
The more we move away from WWII, the closer we get to it!”
“When you demand that the collective pay your medical expenses, then be prepared for the collective to demand that they make your medical decisions for you.”
AE Samaan