23 May 21
“There will have to be bloodshed; we will not dodge; there will have to be murder; we will kill, because it is necessary; there will have to be destruction; we will destroy to rid the world of your tyrannical institutions”
From “Plain Words,” published by Luigi Galleani, an American Communist/leftist/anarchist (ANTIFA of the period) in 1918, just over one hundred years ago!
The above quotation is from a leaflet distributed at the site of domestic terrorist bombings engineered and promoted by Galleani and his Marxist following.
Galleani was the Maxine Waters of his day, albeit a good deal more respectable. Galleani at least had the personal honestly to unapologetically call himself “a Communist”
If the above quotation were to appear today from BLM and/or ANTIFA, on a pamphlet or in social media, leftist TV networks would call it “cute” and “stylish.” “Progressive” politicians would insist its authors are “justified.” And, JRB’s Press Secretary would gushingly apologize for them, saying, “They don’t really mean it. They’re really good people!”
Political violence is nothing new, of course, but the US has always thought of itself as somehow immune, above all that. Political violence, particularly when condoned by, indeed promoted by, in-power politicians, is supposed to be confined to Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, et al.
In-power politicians in the US are not supposed to recruit gangs of party-loyal thugs to go out and molest, beat, murder, and destroy the property of political opponents. Political opponents are not supposed to be singled-out for persecution by state institutions, harassed, molested by state-sanctioned thugs, denied protection by police, denied Constitutional rights, denied due process, just because they’re members of the “loyal opposition,” the ‘wrong religion,” or the “wrong race.”
Those sleazy, disgusting practices are confined to “old-world” paranoid/oppressive regimes, or so we thought.
Not any more!
The “left” (Communists) and leftist politics, anywhere in the world, have never attracted honorable people, and never will. Honorable and decent people are ever revolted by deadly violence, vandalism, and institutionalized theft routinely promoted and practiced by all leftists, whose only goal is to physically terrorize opponents, steal honest wealth, and install themselves into unlimited dictatorial power, forever!
To this end, we see the left (liberals and “Progressives”) ardently promoting universal voter fraud, so that they can never be voted out of power. “Elections” will become meaningless, just as they are in China, North Korea.
Simultaneously, we see them persistently working to eliminate our Supreme Court as the Third Branch of Government, so that our Constitutional Rights as American Citizens, as well as all limitations on their power, can be swept aside. Even now, we see them relentlessly attacking our First, Second, and Fourth Amendments.
Leftists unendingly insist that Americans have too much individual freedom, and that we need to be “protected” from it, “protected” from saying/publishing “wrong things,” making “wrong personal decisions,” joining the “wrong church.” Their pretext is always some “emergency” that never seems to end.
The few who still bravely object face endless denigration by the media, threats, ostracism, and deadly violence at the hands of the left’s sanguinary provisional wing(s), as protection is deliberately withheld.
For friends who emigrated here from Eastern Europe, it’s a familiar pattern!
“The tyrant will always find a pretext.”