14 May 21
JRB represents a far-left (Marxist) political agenda that embraces mediocrity, in the name of “equality.” I can’t imagine why anyone is surprised!
In addition, he personally is far removed from being “in his prime.” He is weak and overwhelmed, mentally as well as physically, as both we, and our enemies, can plainly see!
His confused “word-salad,” his disjointed “ramble-a-thon” of Tuesday evening, where he was utterly unable to answer simple questions, where he forgot House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy’s, name immediately after speaking with him, was deeply worrisome to all of us, while simultaneously causing celebration among Chinese, Russians, and Islamic jihadis!
For example, Israel’s enemies obviously have zero concern over any kind of intervention on the part of the USA in an effort to assist Israel during its current crisis. JRB sucks-up to Islamics, and for that matter couldn’t find Israel on a map!
Likewise, Chinese have no worries over US military assistance to Taiwan, and will thus operate with a free hand when they finally invade.
More than 120 retired generals and admirals have recently published an open letter openly questioning the legitimacy of our 2020 presidential election, as well as JRB’s fitness to be commander-in-chief.
The letter bears the heading of a group calling itself, “Flag Officers for America,” and says the United States “is in deep peril,” with Americans “in a fight for our survival as a Constitutional Republic, like no other time since our founding in 1776.”
Among the letter’s signatories are retired Rear Adm John Poindexter, national security adviser under RWR, as well as retired Lt/Gen William G Boykin, who spent five years as Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Intelligence, under GWB.
“Without fair and honest elections, that accurately reflect ‘the will of the people (ie: legitimate American citizens),’ our Constitutional Republic is lost. Election integrity demands insuring there is just one legal vote cast and counted per citizen, and the FBI and our Supreme Court must act swiftly when significant election irregularities surface, and not ignore them as they did in 2020.”
Chronic indecision with regard to our current southern border catastrophe
Our domestic Islamic jehadism
Our high rate of inflation
Our high unemployment
Our fuel crisis
Our never-ending Covid crisis
Our increasing rates of alcoholism, illegal drug use, suicides
Our soaring rates of violent crime
Our universal election fraud
Our destructive and unchecked rioting
Our general lawlessness
Precipitous violent attacks of Jews, Asians, Christians
Freely-operating ransomware gangs terrorizing municipalities, PDs, and private industry alike, releasing all kinds of sensitive (even highly-classified) information to the Dark Web
Unchecked worldwide Chinese aggression
Significant doubts on the part of all our NATO allies
Substantial and continuing rocket attacks on Israel
There is an uncomfortable feeling of antepenultimate pessimism among Americans, particularly with our sitting president obviously “asleep at the switch!”
Among other symptoms is off-the-chart sales of guns and ammunition, widespread hoarding of food, prescription drugs, fuel, etc. We’ve never seen anything like it before, not even during the BHO Administration!
We’re told by JRB that unspecified “steps are being taken” to address this legion of converging crises.
Few believe it!
In fact it’s becoming increasingly obvious, he doesn’t believe it himself!