15 May 21
“Money has no ‘homeland,’ and who are involved with finances, no ‘patriotism.’
From our southern border, and from Western Europe:
This from a friend and student in Europe:
“Our ammunition famine over here is much worse than yours!
Nearly all of S&B’s 9mm production is going to the USA. None available here. In Europe, those US Dollars work just fine!
What little ammunition is available locally is expensive, and prices are going up almost daily!
Even 7.62×39 and 5.45×39 from Russia’s Barnaul Plant is currently unavailable here. It’s all going over there. Russians just love those US Dollars too, a lot more than they love Euros!
As a result, a significant percentage of our European populations can now no longer afford to shoot, which means in Europe, when you are a ‘registered sport-shooter’ and you do not regularly go to the range (where sessions are all recorded and carefully ‘snoopervised’), your guns are confiscated. There is no ‘4th Amendment’ protecting us over here!
Of course, none of the foregoing applies to radical Islamics (most of whom are here illegally to begin with), who contemptuously ignore our laws (much as they do in your country), and dare governments to do anything about it.
And of course, our governments do nothing, not wanting to ‘offend’ them. Offending the rest of us apparently doesn’t concern them!”
Speaking of “doing nothing,” this from a friend and student on our southern border in TX:
“We are being invaded from Mexico on a scale unseen since 1842!
But, rather than Santa Anna and his army, it is the utterly ruthless ‘Jalisco New Generation Drug Cartel,’ and they vastly outgun our National Guard and local police.
And, they’re into not only illegal drugs!
They’re also heavily into sex slavery and all kinds of other profitable human trafficking, as well as barbarous assassinations of all who become an ‘annoyance.’  Dead bodies are showing-up regularly.
They habitually employ full-auto rifles, as well as hand grenades and rocket-launchers.
We are no match!
National Guardsman simply run like mice and take cover. They’re all unarmed anyway, much as they are in Washington DC!
Our local sheriffs engage in multiple car-pursuits every day, but arresting illegals is pointless, as they are all instantly released with only a tongue-in-cheek ‘court date.’
Jalisco will stage an extremely violent ‘event’ before long on our side of the border, just to show us that they are the ‘real government’ (just as they are in Mexico), and can do anything they want.
They are confident the JRB Administration will continue to do nothing, and their smug self-confidence is well-founded.
In response, Democrat politicians want all legal Texans disarmed!
You can’t make this up!”
“The sage among us agree that ‘political freedom’ is a delusion, carefully manufactured by rulers in order to deceive the ruled.”
Napoleon, again