18 May 21
This update, from a friend in Israel:
(1) “Yesterday, the general-in-charge of our ‘Central Command’ (includes the West Bank) issued a call for all firearms-possessors to be ready to defend against armed assaults, should Hamas convince Fatah Tanzeem to join the conflict.
There are arms that were given to the PA security services, and an additional estimated 500,000 illegal firearms in Israeli/Arab and West-Bank/Arab hands.
Central Command HQ is within sight of my home. So far, just some minor shooting.
(2) “Emergency-service vehicles have changed their sirens’ sound, so as not to sound like an air-raid alert and panic folks. A number of our injured are folks who fell running for cover.”
(3) “In a humanitarian effort, Israel opened a border crossing into Gaza. Medical aid and fuel for electricity-generators in Gaza that had run dry was to be trucked-in.
But, as soon as trucks started moving through the crossing, Hamas bombed it (mortars I believe). One of our soldiers was wounded by shrapnel. Transfer of critical medical supplies and fuel stopped!”
My comment: With the approach of the 54th anniversary of the lopsided Israeli victory during the “Six-Day War” (5-10 June 1967), in excess of 4k unguided rockets have been precipitously fired into Israel over the last few days, from Gaza, by Hamas terrorists (with the help of Iran, et al)
Many have been intercepted by Israel’s sophisticated anti-missile defense system. However, others have penetrated the system and landed in Israeli territory, some causing injury and death.
Occasional rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel more-or-less continuously since anyone can remember, but this current barrage is designed to overwhelm Israeli defenses through sheer volume, and it has been successful to a degree.
Israel’s predictable (and ongoing) response is, as always, precise and telling!
Over here, the pseudo-sanctimonious response by ANTIFA, BLM, our leftist media (most specifically the AP), and leftist Democrat politicians is as drearily predictable as it is nauseating!

They are, in unison, demanding that Israel alone, immediately and unilaterally, stop all military operations.

Naturally, no demands, nor even suggestions, are ever made on Hamas terrorists!
Some things never change!
Carefully note also the “advice” promulgated by the Israeli military to its armed citizens!
I translate it:
“When Hamas terrorists and their proxies come to your home with the intent of murdering you and your family, for reasons known only to them, know and understand this:
You’re on your own!
We have our hands full with overwhelming strategic issues.
You get to ‘take care of business’ locally.
Are you ready, or not?
Either way, help is not ‘on the way!’”
The sage, no matter where they are, are currently on high alert!
“It must be easy to ponder the universe, safe in your palace, away from the petty, brutal dealings of man.
Maybe you don’t remember what it is to be powerless.
I do!”
Leigh Bardugo