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We’ve seen this movie!

25 Sept 19 “We’ve been assured by Democrats, and their media lackeys, that it is absolutely impossible to find and deport eleven million illegal aliens, and that any discussion of the subject is absurd. Yet, from these same mouths we’re asked to believe that finding, and forcibly confiscating, sixteen million ‘assault weapons’ can be easily […]

“The Goal”

24 Sept 19 “The goal of socialism is Communism” Vladimir Lenin (Bernie’s role model) It just doesn’t make sense! We’re assured by Democrat presidential aspirants that the vast majority of American gun-owners favor government confiscation of our legally-owned “assault weapons,” as part of our national journey to socialist paradise. “Upwards of eighty percent,” we’re told! […]

“We didn’t go far enough!”

20 Sept 19 Who is naive enough to believe liberal Democrats will ever be satisfied with the forced confiscation of just ARs and AKs? Thirty-one years ago then Governor Schafer of MD signed a bill banning “cheap” handguns (Saturday-night specials), saying: “These guns are wrong” “This law will stop senseless killings” (It didn’t!) “These guns […]

DTI Instruction

18 Sept 19 DTI Friends and Instructors We have a full slate of DTI Courses coming-up this fall and on into 2020. Come and join us. Bring your friends! You can register for any of these DTI Courses directly on our DTI Web Page at I’ll get right back with you with details! 21-22 […]

Mark That Well!

16 Jan 19 Residents of many foreign countries know and respect our US Constitution far more than do some American citizens, particularly liberals! In Brazil, liberal administrations, morbidly fearful of armed citizens (as all liberal politicians are), attempted to impose a complete ban on the private ownership of guns with the “Disarmament Statute,” of 2005. […]


12 Sept 19 “Who hold ‘important’ positions in society are commonly labeled ‘somebodies,’ and their inverse, ‘nobodies, -both of which are, of course, nonsensical descriptors, for we are all, by necessity, individuals with distinct identities and comparable claims on existence. Such words are nevertheless an apt vehicle for conveying disparate treatment accorded to different groups. […]

Getting Nervous?

11 Sept 19 When you haven’t already, it’s time to acquire a serious rifle, a supply of ammunition, and serious (normal-capacity) magazines, while you still can! Individual states, with Democrat governors, are proposing bans on normal-capacity magazines and virtually all modern, serious, semi-auto military rifles. Some already have these restrictions in place. More are on […]

Corrupt Politicians and Armed Citizens!

8 Sept 19 “The more corrupt politicians are, the more afraid of armed citizens they become” Keiichi Sigsawa CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Sleepy Joe a week ago, Monday: “So to gun-owners out there who say ‘Well, a Biden administration means they’re going to come for my guns’…” Joe answers: “Bingo! You’re right, if you have […]

DTI Fall

5 Sept 19 DTI Fall Schedule We have slots available in most of the DTI Courses listed below. You can register directly on our DTI Web Page at Come and join us! 7-8 Sept 19 DTI Scenario-Based Training (Force-on-Force, Airsoft) Sturgis, MI 14-15 Sept 19 DTI Defensive Handgun, Raymond, MS 21-22 Sept 19 DTI […]

A Little Cartridge History!

5 Sept 19 At the end of the American Civil War, it was painfully obvious to most that muzzle-loading rifles and muskets were obsolete. The search for a breech-loading military rifle started with the idea of somehow “converting” the existing stock of 58-caliber muzzle-loading rifles, with which the Federal inventory was awash! Erskine Allin at […]

Our Rights are not Safe!

4 Sept 19 “It’s so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been, had it never shone.” John Steinbeck In Iowa, Sleepy Joe just stated that he wants to “ban magazines that hold multiple bullets.” Since, in all of world history, no magazine has ever been manufactured that holds only one […]


1 Sept 19 Colt/Walker Revolver: Last week, at a commercial gun store in Cody, WY, called “The Cody Firearms Experience,” I had the opportunity to shoot a Colt/Walker Revolver (reproduction) for the first time in my life! The Cody Firearms Experience has a number of like historical guns, many black-powder, that customers can handle and […]