24 Sept 19

“The goal of socialism is Communism”

Vladimir Lenin (Bernie’s role model)

It just doesn’t make sense!

We’re assured by Democrat presidential aspirants that the vast majority of American gun-owners favor government confiscation of our legally-owned “assault weapons,” as part of our national journey to socialist paradise.

“Upwards of eighty percent,” we’re told!

I’m confused!

If American gun-owners just can’t wait to turn-in their guns, why aren’t they?

Why haven’t they?

What are they waiting for?

In fact, far from turning them in, Americans are currently buying ARs and AKs, and normal-capacity magazines, as fast as they can be produced!

Indeed, Beto, Bernie, Sleepy Joe, Kamala, Liz, and their fellow commissars have exceeded BHO for the collective title of “The Country’s Best Gun Salesmen”

By the way, why haven’t all of them turned-in their guns?

Similarly, if American tax-payers overwhelmingly approve monumental tax increases to finance Bernie’s socialist wet-dream, as we’re being told, why aren’t we voluntarily paying more than we owe in taxes already?

For that matter, why is Bernie himself, and his rich capitalist friends, not leading the way by voluntarily paying more than their current statute liability?

I’m sure the federal government would gladly accept it!

If American gun-owners and taxpayers are solidly in the pocket of Democrat/socialists, and we thus just can’t wait to voluntarily give-up our cherished American individual liberty and freedom, in exchange for sinister promises of suffocating “safety,” as the media insists we are, why are we not enthusiastically doing what one would expect:

Cheerfully (1) turning-in our guns, and (2) happily giving ourselves a voluntary tax-increase?

When most Americans are socialist wanna-bes, as we’re assured we are, why aren’t we enthusiastically acting the part?

You don’t suppose the leftist media is lying, do you?

“Why should freedom of speech and freedom of the press be allowed?

Why should a government which is doing what it believes to be right allow itself to be criticized?

It would not allow opposition by lethal weapons.

Yet, ideas are much more fatal than guns!

Why should any man be allowed to buy a printing press and disseminate pernicious opinions calculated to embarrass the government?”

Lenin, again

… just in case you’re wondering what socialism is really like!