11 Sept 19

When you haven’t already, it’s time to acquire a serious rifle, a supply of ammunition, and serious (normal-capacity) magazines, while you still can!

Individual states, with Democrat governors, are proposing bans on normal-capacity magazines and virtually all modern, serious, semi-auto military rifles. Some already have these restrictions in place.

More are on the way!

Of course, these same Democrat politicians conveniently (and quietly) exempt themselves from all restrictions.

Exactly how those bans will be enforced is “subject-non-grata,” of course, as there are millions already legally owned and kept. What Democrats sincerely want to do is kick-in doors of people who don’t vote for them and forcibly confiscate newly-illegalized guns, but being the sleazy cowards they are, will never go near that subject until after the 2020 election season.

For now, they just babble endlessly, always non-specifically, about banning “weapons of war,” to the delight of the liberal media and clueless liberal snowflakes, who will never ask them critical, specific questions.

Is there any protection from these neo-Bolsheviks?

I wish I knew, but with every anti-gun Democrat fulmination, there is an immediate spike in sales of serious guns!

Freedom-loving Americans, at least, are getting nervous!

“Who surrender essential liberty to obtain temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Benjamin Franklin

… and they’ll end-up with neither!

“Temporary safety” is a seedy, Marxist lie. Who are naive enough to believe it will regret it, and they’ll live to hear their children bitterly curse them, and their memory!