20 Sept 19

Who is naive enough to believe liberal Democrats will ever be satisfied with the forced confiscation of just ARs and AKs?

Thirty-one years ago then Governor Schafer of MD signed a bill banning “cheap” handguns (Saturday-night specials), saying:

“These guns are wrong”

“This law will stop senseless killings” (It didn’t!)

“These guns are the ‘preferred weapons of criminals’”

Sound familiar?

Anti-gun Democrats (is there another kind?) assured us back then, before many reading this were born, that banning a certain kind of gun from possession by citizens will lower violent crime rates, calling it, as they do today, “common-sense legislation” and lying to us by saying that all other guns are okay and that they would never come after any of them.

How stupid do they think we are?

Today, “Saturday-night specials” are apparently okay, but as-yet undefined “assault weapons” are terrible and must now be banned from the possession by everyone, except of course politicians and their bodyguards!

They must think we have short memories!

They know their agenda only too well, and so do most of us!

Marxists are, if anything, predictable!

When the first wave of “assault weapon” bans are in place, the definition will simply be progressively expanded to included all firearms!

Next, they want to ban all rifles, calling them “sniper weapons”

Next, all handguns, calling them “suicide weapons”

With every new ban, violent crime will go up

It always does! Look at Brazil, Venezuela

Instead of admitting they’re wrong, Democrats will dutifully recite their predictable line:

“We didn’t go far enough”

Anyone who doesn’t see handwriting on the wall is pretty naive!

At least some have taken Beto at his word. Since his “Hell yes, we’ll take your ARs and AKs” diatribe, sales of ARs and AKs have risen dramatically.

Imagine that!

Not to be outdone, Kamala said today she wants to ban cheeseburgers and straws!

“You can always trust Communists, to be Communists!”

Fred Schwarz