16 Jan 19

Residents of many foreign countries know and respect our US Constitution far more than do some American citizens, particularly liberals!

In Brazil, liberal administrations, morbidly fearful of armed citizens (as all liberal politicians are), attempted to impose a complete ban on the private ownership of guns with the “Disarmament Statute,” of 2005.

Under it, all “civilians” were required to surrender their guns to the government.

Beto would have cheered its passage!

By popular vote the measure was rejected, but liberals (as they always do) have since found ways to circumvent the rejection vote. New rules have effectively made legal trade in guns impossible. Many gun retailers went out of business as a result.

With every new restriction, murder rates significantly increase.

They always do!

Local author, Bene Barbosa, is quoted:

“When a citizen surrenders his weapons, he is strengthening the monopoly of state force. This is the antithesis of freedom, quite the opposite of what is written in the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, for example.”

American Democrat presidential aspirants, particularly Beto, violently disagree, insisting that our Second
Amendment doesn’t really exist!

Barbosa continues:

“When Brazil decides to adopt a policy of preventing civilians from having guns, crime has risen sharply across the country, as violent criminals have found that people have no means of defending their lives

For Americans, the use of a weapon is associated with the exercise of freedom. And in this context, perpetrators of crimes are individuals accustomed to criminal practice, so when they (the government) remove the possibility of citizens exercising their right to self-defense at necessary times, the example we have is a promotion of criminal practice.”

Brazil’s current president, Jair Bolsonaro, has tried his best to ease restrictions on the private ownership of guns, in the face of direct and continuous opposition by liberals.

One of his supporters, Police Chief Rafael Brodbeck, inserted:

“The state cannot prevent a natural right of the individual, which is self-defense. It is not for government to say that a citizen should use guns, or not.

Rulers who do this become tyrants.”

In Brazil, the fight for freedom continues!

It’s interesting the way freedom-loving people all over the world keep referring to our Constitution and particularly to our Second Amendment.

Simultaneously, freedom-hating politicians over here say to American citizens:

“Hell yes, we’re going to take your ARs and AKs…”

When they say such things, they are endlessly, and openly, cheered by liberal Democrats in the media and by every single on of the current Democrat cadre aspiring to the office of president!

Mark that well!