8 Sept 19

“The more corrupt politicians are, the more afraid of armed citizens they become”

Keiichi Sigsawa

CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Sleepy Joe a week ago, Monday:

“So to gun-owners out there who say ‘Well, a Biden administration means they’re going to come for my guns’…”

Joe answers:


You’re right, if you have an assault weapon”

American Democrats are adamant about ignoring law-breaking by a surging, dependent, non-productive underclass, particularly illegal aliens, who are now their primary voting-base.

Simultaneously, Democrat mayors, governors, unelected bureaucrats, presidential aspirants, et al churn-out new laws, ordinances, regulations, “rules,” and statutes focused exclusively on confusing, ensnaring, and punishing all Americans who dare to be vocal advocates for freedom and liberty.

American gun-owners in particular represent a convenient target of choice for such ensnarement by a spider’s web of anti-gun administrative fiats, ordinances, and non-comprehendible legislative decrees.

Ongoing methodology of Democrats:

1. Deliberately expand ecumenical squalor, homelessness, dependency, and non-productivity. Actively grow and promote the dependent underclass.

2. Actively promote illegal immigration.

3. Actively promote voter fraud by illegal immigrants. Encourage illegal aliens to vote in our elections.

4. De-criminalize and excuse unlawful behavior, particularly violent crime, exhibited by the underclass, especially illegal aliens

5. Re-criminalize to the maximum lawful behavior exhibited by legal, productive, tax-paying, real American citizens, especially lawful gun-owners and gun-carriers.

The method:

Protect, pamper, and reward “reliable voters.” Shower them with “special privileges.” Ever-threaten them with excommunication should they stray from party dogma.


Identify, vilify, coerce, marginalize, terrorize, and ultimately suffocate all others.

Indeed, an Orwellian formula!

“To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.”

Adolf Hitler