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29 Dec 18 Century Arms’ VSKA Rifle: Century Arms has been producing (in the USA) and marketing its “RAS47″ version of the classic Kalashnikov Rifle (AKM in 7.62×39) for several years. “RAS” stands for “Russian Army Standard.” The RAS is a plain-vanilla Kalashnikov AKM. My copy runs just fine (like most Kalashnikovs), and I’ve had […]


26 Dec 18 The new “Avarnas” The movement, propagated by amoral leftists/Marxists, to marginalize American gun owners continues to aggressively recruit the finance industry. Their obvious goal is to stigmatize gun owners, so that we occupy the lowest possible status-rung in American society, in much the same way as do “avarnas/dalits” (untouchables) in modern-day India. […]

Western Women in Peril!

22 Dec 18 Western Women Targeted! Lest anyone become complacent about the worldwide threat to women, particularly Western women, posed by radical Islamic jihadis, last week two adult female backpackers from Scandinavia in the, until now, relatively peaceful hills of Morocco were attacked and knifed to death, at least one beheaded. The murderers then posted […]

Drugs and guns!

21 Dec 18 Drugs and Guns! Students ask: “When I own guns, do I need to become a teetotaler?” The companion question is: “When I own guns, do I need to abstain from all contact with marijuana? For that matter, how about other consciousness-altering drugs, even ones I take by prescription?” My reply: Any time […]

On the Margins!

19 Dec 18 Marginalized! A liberal MA judge (Feeley) recently handed-down an extremely light sentence to a convicted (felonies, multiple times), illegal alien, because otherwise “… the defendant would be subject to deportation.” The judge then admitted the sentence would have been much harsher, had the defendant been a US citizen! Illegal aliens, in MA […]

“Red-Flag,” revisited!

18 Dec 18 “We are right to take alarm at the first ‘experiment’ upon our liberties.” James Madison As Democrat-dominated state legislatures are seated in early 2019, they will waist little time in promoting “Red-Flag” laws as part of their corrupt, “common-sense,” anti-freedom agenda. I’ve editorialized about such unconstitutional legislation in the past, but let’s […]

Tragedy and Farce!

15 Dec 18 “Politicians, the rich and famous, their bodyguards, and criminal gangs, still have their guns. Everyone else (forcible disarmed since 2013) lives in fear. Mothers and fathers are unable to protect their families.” Gabby Franco, recent immigrant from Venezuela Listening to seductive propaganda, flowing from the mouths of smooth-tongued socialist tricksters, Venezuelans made […]

You Can’t Make this Stuff up!

12 Dec 18 “There are two things that, this night, shall not die: My Right to be Armed, and I!” Anon Yesterday, heavily-armed French troopers, on patrol in Strasbourg as part of a long-term anti-terrorist deployment, reacted quickly to an “active murderer,” a militant Islamic jihadi. They shot and wounded him in the process. Their […]

The Sour Fruit of Socialism!

11 Dec 18 “Helplessness is like being paralyzed. It’s sickness.” Chuck Barris Today in France, an acknowledged terrorist, a well-known and “closely-watched” member of France’s Terrorist Watch List, today shot and killed at least four innocent Christmas shoppers in Strasbourg (near the German border), critically wounding a number of others. As of this writing, he […]

Pistols in Pockets!

10 Dec 18 Pistols in Pockets! A company making a line a small, concealable carry-pistols, Cobra, includes in its list of products an over-under Derringer. This small pistol has been accused of not being drop-safe, as it has been implicated in at least two cases where pants in whose pocket it was placed where thrown […]

DTI Training in 2019

9 Dec 18 2019 DTI Training Schedule Our 2019 Training Schedule is now posted on the DTI Web Page at More DTI Courses will be added in the next few weeks, but you can see what is available and actively promoted now. You may register for any of these Courses at any time directly […]

Paris Burning!

6 Dec 18 “Who claim to have my best interests at heart and simultaneously suggest that I disarm and leave my personal safety in their hands, scare me motherless! Not merely hypocritical, but dangerously ignorant and delusional. They are true believers in false gods!” Branson This from a friend in Europe: “Saturday, Paris police were […]

Hate Speech

5 Dec 18 “Silence is the language of God. All else is a poor translation” Rumi Apple’s dimpled darling, Tim Cook, is the recipient of endless press accolades this week for a speech he delivered in NYC, where he insisted that the entire tech community get together to “ban hate speech” from social media. Simultaneously, […]

More Victims!

3 Dec 18 Another “Victim Generator:” The Chief of Police at Oakland University in MI, oh so concerned about student safety, is arranging for the issuance of hockey pucks to students and staff! He assures them that throwing hockey pucks at armed felons will “cause a distraction.” The only “distraction” the average VCA may suffer […]