12 Dec 18

“There are two things that, this night, shall not die:

My Right to be Armed, and I!”


Yesterday, heavily-armed French troopers, on patrol in Strasbourg as part of a long-term anti-terrorist deployment, reacted quickly to an “active murderer,” a militant Islamic jihadi.

They shot and wounded him in the process. Their swift response doubtless prevented his murderous rampage from getting even worse.

Naturally, these troopers were in uniform and used the same issued weapons and ammunition with which they had exhaustively trained.

Curiously, at the same moment American troopers, in uniform, deployed to our border with Mexico (one of the most violent places on the face of the Earth) are all unarmed. They have been similarly trained, yet bear no arms, nor ammunition, not even pistols!

So, “socialist” France has at least the common sense to field armed troops in its fight against dangerous terrorists.

But, in “free” America, we choose to practice “common-sense gun safety,” by disarming everyone, even our own uniformed soldiers, even when they are deployed to dangerous places!

You can’t make this stuff up!