19 Dec 18


A liberal MA judge (Feeley) recently handed-down an extremely light sentence to a convicted (felonies, multiple times), illegal alien, because otherwise “… the defendant would be subject to deportation.”

The judge then admitted the sentence would have been much harsher, had the defendant been a US citizen!

Illegal aliens, in MA and the rest of the nation, are routinely arrested and convicted for felonies.

Typically: possession of illegal drugs with intent to distribute, DUI, domestic battery, possession of firearms without paperwork, etc.

They are invariably let-off with light sentences by liberal judges who obviously want to keep them around, and voting!

They are almost never deported.

Liberals have, once again, manufactured a “minority” of “eternal victims” that they can shelter, defend, and forever expand. Liberals love “victims,” but only so long as they are willing to remain “victims” forever!

The foregoing is a small example of the series of “special privileges” liberals have heaped upon illegal aliens, but made unavailable to US citizens.

Illegal aliens enjoy all our Constitutional protections, even though they’re here illegally.

Yet, through liberal-sponsored “Red-Flag” laws, etc such protection is denied to US Citizens.

It seems law-abiding, tax-paying, productive Americans are now “second-class citizens” in our own Country!

In order to avail ourselves of our Constitutional rights as citizens, as well as all the benefits and special privileges foisted upon illegal aliens, we need to renounce our citizenship!

All that largess would then be ours, and we would still get to vote!

“Americans cannot comprehend how their fellow countrymen could not love their country. But the left’s anti-
Americanism is intrinsic.

They instinctively root for anarchy, and against civilization.

They can’t help it!”