15 Dec 18

“Politicians, the rich and famous, their bodyguards, and criminal gangs, still have their guns.

Everyone else (forcible disarmed since 2013) lives in fear. Mothers and fathers are unable to protect their families.”

Gabby Franco, recent immigrant from Venezuela

Listening to seductive propaganda, flowing from the mouths of smooth-tongued socialist tricksters, Venezuelans made the mistake of naively believing such a scenario would never happen.

Now it has, and it is irreversible, short of revolution!

Contrary to polished socialist lies, the rate of violent crime is Venezuela has not gone down since ecumenical gun confiscation. Instead, it has soared!

The vast majority of murders (upwards of ninety percent) are never solved. Few are now even investigated!

We should take note that, when Maduro (Venezuela’s current socialist president) in 2013 announced his program of forced elimination of all guns in private hands, it was loudly cheered by virtually every single Democrat politician in the USA.

Two generations ago, Democrats and media liberals cheered in exactly same way when Castro took over in Cuba.

Has everyone forgotten?

Maduro has recently announced that “loyalists” (his supporters) are now to be re-armed!

“A gun for every militiaman,” he said!

His armed supporters will be, of course, expected to use their guns to terrorize what few “non-loyalists” there are left.

Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, et al all did exactly the same thing!

The foregoing is the “True Face of Socialism.”

Nothing ever changes!

I can’t imagine why anyone is surprised!

Leftists/socialists/Communists have always relied on naive, self-indulgent populations who naively, foolishly,
arrogantly resist studying history!

“History repeats itself- first as tragedy, then as farce.”

Karl Marx