29 Dec 18

Century Arms’ VSKA Rifle:

Century Arms has been producing (in the USA) and marketing its “RAS47″ version of the classic Kalashnikov Rifle (AKM in 7.62×39) for several years.

“RAS” stands for “Russian Army Standard.”

The RAS is a plain-vanilla Kalashnikov AKM. My copy runs just fine (like most Kalashnikovs), and I’ve had no complaints.

However, the RAS has now been discontinued, replaced by the “VSKA” (if “VSKA” is an acronym, no one seems to know what it stands for).

The VSKA “upgrades” the RAS, and it is the VSKA that Century Arms now supplies to a number of governmental entities. The only difference between the “government” version of the VSKA and the commercial version (currently available at retailers) is that the government version has a “full-auto” option on the safety lever. The commercial version is semi-auto only.

The VSKA features tool-steel bolt and trunnion, improved furniture, improved trigger (no “mush”), and mil-spec finish

The VSKA does not have the Soviet-style optics side-mount that many didn’t like, as it will snag as the rifle is slung. Operators who want optics are better advised to install a Picatinny rail on top, Western style.

My copy of the VSKA, right out of the box, is a very solid, smooth, robust, utility rifle.

Ready for immediate service!

It retails for $750.00

For Kalashnikov aficionados, and all who want a dependable, solid, military rifle that will not break, this is an excellent way to go!