11 Dec 18

“Helplessness is like being paralyzed.

It’s sickness.”

Chuck Barris

Today in France, an acknowledged terrorist, a well-known and “closely-watched” member of France’s Terrorist Watch List, today shot and killed at least four innocent Christmas shoppers in Strasbourg (near the German border), critically wounding a number of others.

As of this writing, he is still not in custody.

This perpetrator, well-known to French Security Services as a “high-threat,” was none the less at-large and apparently had scant difficulty arming himself with a deadly weapon(s) prior to this murderous, pre-Christmas rampage.

Curiously, his hapless victims were all, by law, unarmed and unable to defend themselves, effectively disarmed by France’s Socialist-inspired ecumenical gun-ban (the kind Democrats want to impose upon us).

So, this terrorist calmly went about his deadly mission with no concern that a brave French citizen would rise-up and shoot back!

“Enforced Helplessness,” a critical component of the Socialist play-book, bears sour fruit, as we see!

France’s gun-ban obviously doesn’t apply to, nor is it enforced upon, terrorists.

Gun-bans never do, nor are!

Imagine that!