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CNN Never Disappoints!

27 Nov 18 CNN’s “sheltered perspective:” Today, two female CNN reporters were “shocked” to see a photo of our General Scott Miller openly carrying an M4 as he is walking (in uniform, with others also in uniform) on the streets of Afghanistan. Miller’s M4 actually has a magazine inserted, and this really “raised eyebrows” in […]

The Law of War

26 Nov 18 “So long as Earth revolves around the sun So long as cold and heat, storms and sunshine exist There will be struggle Struggle between people and nations” Adolf Hitler, 1939 “King Philips War,” (1675-78) the first major “Indian War” on the North American Continent. Indian wars would continue in North America (off […]

Placed in Harm’s Way, Unarmed!

24 Nov 18 Our “Unarmed Forces” When a Marine Rifleman, of any rank, painstakingly trained in the Art of Combat Marksmanship, starts believing and spouting anti-gun drivel, it is a yet another sign that this Civilization is in serious decline! Secretary Mattis said last week: “Most active-duty troops along our border do not carry firearms. […]


15 Nov 18 Hunting, 2018 Yesterday, at Shawnee Ridge in OH, I used my FS/7.62×51 (POF Revolution Rifle with folding stock, Vortex optic, and assorted other of my specification upgrades) to shoot a wild pig (150lbs) and a female Fallow Deer (100 lbs). Range to both animals was 50m. Ammunition was 150gr Barnes Vor-TX (all […]

Nogun Shogun!

14 Nov 18 “Decline is a choice.” Victor Davis Hanson Nogun Shogun! Our current Secretary of Defense is apparently no supporter of the armed warrior concept, and is thus a real disappointment to those of us who are! When visiting troops deployed on our southern border today, he said: “Troops are only there in an […]

Veterans’ Day

11 Nov 18 “Where there is trust, no proof is necessary. Where there is none, no proof is possible.” Anon The Great War officially ends, 11 Nov 18, 100 years ago! In a recent photo of the USMC Drill Team passing in review (“eyes left”), I noticed they are all carrying M1 Rifles (Garands). However, […]

Sunny Italy!

8 Nov 18 “Prepared” is present tense. “Victim” is past tense. “Justice,” in theory, can be either, but most agree that no justice exists in past tense! Frank Sharpe Just when we thought weeniefied, pusillanimous ascendants of Celts, Vandals, Saxons, Vikings, Normans, Huns, Gauls, Goths, et al in Western Europe had voluntarily submitted to mandatory […]

Going Armed

9 Nov 18 “Sheep don’t trust sheepdogs, any more than they trust wolves” Greg Hamilton Comments on unarmed cops, from a friend and NYPD detective: “Here, administrators and politicians put us under a microscope, relentlessly. We are ‘expendable,’ and our lives and health are far less important than certain political careers! In addition, local prosecutors […]

“Unarmed” Police?

8 Nov 18 “‘Police’ is not ‘what you do.’ Police is WHAT YOU ARE! We may be ‘off-watch.’ We are NEVER ‘off-duty!’” Farnam Talking about yesterday evening’s nightclub shooting in CA, Sheriff Geoff Dean of Ventura County CA stated during a press conference today that there were six LEOs present (that he knows of) among […]

Rifle-Caliber “Pistols”

6 Nov 18 Rifle-Caliber “Pistols” At the 2018 SHOT Show back in January, I got a chance to see SIG’s two “pistols” chambered for rifle calibers. The one most appealing was the MCX “Vertus.” 300Blk with a 9″ barrel and folding “arm-brace” Extremely compact, particularly with the arm-brace folded to the side. Good choice for […]


2 Nov 18 “Hypocrisy is the essence of snobbery” Alexander Theroux The SRA The “Socialist Rifle Association,” whose very existence is utterly ignored by the liberal media (for obvious reasons), is a growing group of American socialists/Communists that is advocating for its members become armed and trained, so that they can violently resist “right-wing aggression.” […]