2 Nov 18

“Hypocrisy is the essence of snobbery”

Alexander Theroux


The “Socialist Rifle Association,” whose very existence is utterly ignored by the liberal media (for obvious reasons), is a growing group of American socialists/Communists that is advocating for its members become armed and trained, so that they can violently resist “right-wing aggression.”

What a curious exercise in hypocrisy!

Just as their dimpled-darling Democrat (Marxist) politicians are, every single one, pushing for new draconian restrictions on gun-ownership, this sub-group is telling its members to go out an buy guns and ammunition, even dreaded ARs and AKs their own Democrat commissars want to rip from the hands of all Americans!

Bill Ayers’ spiritual ascendants are “arming-up!”

I’m sure they’re confident that Democrat attempts to ban guns, magazines, ammunition, etc from all political opponents will never apply to them. Leftist politicians always exempt themselves, and their lackeys, from their own laws.

And, they oh-so self-righteously claim “… we only want to protect ourselves”

Funny, the very leftist politicians they frantically support endlessly insist none of us “need” guns for self-protection!

And, while they piously condemn the NRA and its “right-wing members,” they simultaneously lobby vehemently for the identical Second Amendment Rights the NRA enshrines!

They devoutly advocate for “Second Amendment Rights,” but only for themselves!

Their self-righteous rationalizing, like Ayers,’ is typical of Marxists/Communists, and would be laughable in any
reasonable context.

“The essence of immorality is the tendency to make an exception of oneself.”

Jane Addams