8 Nov 18

“‘Police’ is not ‘what you do.’ Police is WHAT YOU ARE!

We may be ‘off-watch.’ We are NEVER ‘off-duty!’”


Talking about yesterday evening’s nightclub shooting in CA, Sheriff Geoff Dean of Ventura County CA stated during a press conference today that there were six LEOs present (that he knows of) among the guests attending the club at the moment the perpetrator starting shooting.

A reporter asked the Sheriff if any of the six officers present at the scene dutifully engaged the suspect with precision gunfire.

The Sheriff sheepishly answered:

“None of them were armed!”

At lease six unarmed police present when a madman starts shooting, and not a single one able to call upon his training and instantly stop the carnage!

The words “unarmed” and “police” should never be found in the same sentence!

This is a sad testimony to CA law enforcement!

American police officers should be gallantly carrying concealed guns no matter where we are, day and night, every waking minute!

It is a point of honor!

The world of 2018 is no place for the unprepared, particularly among those of us who are paid to be prepared!

“Destiny doesn’t make appointments, nor does she waste her time with the naive and unready!”

Farnam, again