9 Nov 18

“Sheep don’t trust sheepdogs, any more than they trust wolves”

Greg Hamilton

Comments on unarmed cops, from a friend and NYPD detective:

“Here, administrators and politicians put us under a microscope, relentlessly. We are ‘expendable,’ and our lives and health are far less important than certain political careers!

In addition, local prosecutors know and understand that much favorable publicity attaches to taking-down cops!

When you are armed while off-watch, and become involved in a deadly-force incident, particularly one involving gunfire, a breathalyzer is instantly administered. And, when you blow anything but a ‘00,’ it will be a ‘problem.’

Suddenly, you’re the headline!

Attending a concert, or taking my kids to monster truck rally?

Another ‘problem!’

Virtually all our ‘event arenas’ prohibit concealed carry on-premises, even by police.

We are ‘social beings,’ just like everyone else. We are supposed to be always willing and able to assert our office and ‘serve and protect’ the community, no matter where we are, whom we’re with, nor what activity we’re engaged in.

But when unarmed, there is not much we can do!”

My comment:

Liberal politicians are, by choice, sheep, and they insist on a sheep-like attitude from everyone they can intimidate. They despise police officers, and everyone else who displays qualities of bravely and personal honor, that they themselves lack.

Within that prison of circumstance, there is no perfect solution, nor even a particularly good one.

As far as going armed in certain venues, sometimes we just have to ignore stupid “rules,” designed by sheep to make us all perpetual victims.

For those of us who enjoy an occasional glass of wine or a cocktail, it needs to be the last thing you do before going to bed.

But after all is said and done, instant access to deadly weapons is still the difference between life and death.

Forget that at your peril!

“Never call an unarmed man ‘security’”

Dave Grossman